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    House point and reputation guide

    Ingrid Peverell

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    House point and reputation guide

    Post by Ingrid Peverell on Wed Apr 06, 2016 4:15 pm

    The easiest way to earn house points is to post. With each post you gain one house point.
    You can also earn house points by taking part in lessons. Whenever you 'hand in' homework you get two house points, one for the homework and one for the post.
    Participating in quidditch matches also earns you house points. You get house points for however many posts you make and the winning team earns ten house points per player- 70 house points.

    Reputation is earned when other users 'like' or 'dislike' one of your posts.
    Just above and slightly to the right there is a small plus and a small minus sign. Pressing the plus sign gives a member positive reputation which adds one to their rep count. Pressing the minus sign gives a member negative reputation which subtracts one from their rep count.
    Reputation is pretty much a way to count how popular you are. At the end of each year the member with the most reputation is given 100 house points- this usually decides which house wins the house cup. Also the member with the second most reputation is given 50 house points and the member with the third most reputation is given 25 house points.

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