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    How to Play

    Ingrid Peverell

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    How to Play

    Post by Ingrid Peverell on Sun Apr 03, 2016 12:55 pm

    To participate in our quidditch matches you must first be a member of your house quidditch team.
    Once you are part of the team you can play.


    The referee, at the moment me, will post a topic in the quidditch pitch forum and notify the teams that are playing.
    Once a game has been started the quaffle is released.

    A chaser from either of the playing teams must post 'catch' to start the game.
    Once that had been done, five passes must occur before you shoot.
    To pass, the chaser with the ball must post 'pass' followed by the other chasers name.
    A chaser from the opposing team can post 'intercept' to try and get the quaffle in their possession. The referee will decide whether or not it is successful. For example, the referee might post, 'Person A attempts to intercept the quaffle as it is part by Person B however, Person C manages to catch it and the play continues.' So the quaffle would still be in the first teams possession.

    Beaters can post 'hit' followed by an opposing team members name to hit them with a bludger. If the player doesn't repost 'dodge' then they get hit. If the player who gets hit is in possession of the quaffle, the quaffle is transferred to any on the opposing teams chasers.
    Even if the player reports 'dodge' the referee decides if they actually manage to dodge it. For example, the referee might post, 'person B dodges but gets hit on the wrist by person A's bludger. However, they manage to continue to play.'

    Keepers can post 'block' when the chaser attempts to score.
    When a chaser attempts to score they must post 'shoot' and private message the referee which post they are aiming for, either 1, 2 or 3.
    The keeper must then post 'block' and then private message the referee which post they are going to block.
    If the chasers post and the keepers post don't match up then the quaffle goes in. For example if the chaser PMs the referee goal post 2 and the keeper PMs the referee goal post 1 then quaffle goes in and that team gets 10 points.

    The seeker had to find the snitch. The snitch

    will be posted anywhere with in the quidditch section of the site. When either seeker on any team finds it the must post in the same forum where the snitch is and in the on going quidditch match forum 'caught' and the game is over.

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