Charmed Chance

This is your chance to go to Hogwarts and live your life in the wizarding world. Will it be charming or will your chance be charmed...


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    Lesson Two

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    Lesson Two

    Post by Dilys Derwent on Fri Feb 05, 2016 9:37 pm

    The five exceptions of Gamp's Law are food, money, knowledge, love and life.

    For your NEWTs you will need to be able to write a detailed easy on Gamp's Law describing it's applications, purpose and exceptions. We will move on from Gamp's Law and come back to it.

    Our next topic is animagi and transfiguration. We touched upon this topic briefly before. Now we will be looking into it in further detail. The behaviour of the animagus differs slightly but the witch or wizard still knows who they are and is able to have to control over themselves, actions and thoughts.

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