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    Lesson One

    Dilys Derwent

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    Lesson One

    Post by Dilys Derwent on Thu Feb 04, 2016 9:08 pm

    Dilys was looking forward to this lesson as it was time for her to teach human transfiguration which is usually a favourite. Dilys decided to get straight to it.

    The first thing we're going to learn is human transfiguration. This perked most her class up. She had had lots of questions about animagi from this class.  Human transfiguration is a sub-branch of transfiguration, as you will remember from last year, transfiguration is one of the four types of transfiguration. The main forms of human transfiguration are animagi, metamorphagi and werewolves. An animagus is a witch or wizard who can choose to transform themselves into a chosen animal form. This is an ability that is learned rather than inherited.

    The difference between an animagus and transformation is that an animagus can transform whenever they so desire whereas transformation requires a wand and incantation. Being an animagus is an ability, transfiguration is not.

    We will continue with animagi in our next lesson, for your homework I want you to research the thought patterns and other characteristics when a witch or wizard is in their animagus form.

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