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    Lesson One

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    Lesson One

    Post by Dilys Derwent on Thu Feb 04, 2016 9:04 pm

    Professor Derwent looked forward to her first lessons. She enjoyed seeing her students refreshed after a break.

    Hello class, I hope you had a good break. She heard lots of grumbles and mumbled yeses.  Well then, back to work.

    The things you will learn in your second year transfiguration lessons are:

    Turning beetles into buttons
    Turning rabbits into slippers
    Turning a bird into a goblet
    Learning further theory of transfiguration

    The first thing we will be learning and recapping is the basic elements of transformation. Transformation is the object is deformed or altered in any way. While this form of magic is used when transforming matches into needles, like we did in your first year, it also holds the potential for the darkest of magics, such as petrification.

    The first thing we will be transforming in your second year is beetles into buttons.

    Switching is another type of transfiguration. Switching swaps a characteristics between two targets.

    For your homework I would like you to research the differences between switching and transforming.

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