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    Lesson One

    Dilys Derwent

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    Lesson One

    Post by Dilys Derwent on Thu Feb 04, 2016 8:33 pm

    Professor Derwent was always neverous before she taught her new First Years for their first ever transfiguration lesson. She was only nervous because if she didn't make this first lesson fun for them, her new class would hate the subject and not want to do it. She wanted her class to love transfiguration as much as she did. The Professor strode into her classroom with confidence, trying not to let her nerves get the better of her. The noisy First Years settled down after witnessing their teacher sternly watching them from the front of the room. She cleared her throat.

    My name is Professor Derwent. She said calmly whilst writing it down in large lettering on her blackboard. In this lesson, she continued, you will learn why transfiguration is so important in the wizarding world and what the different types of transfiguration are.

    Now that she had the attention of the class, she was determined not to lose it. She kept talking while she wrote to engage them in the subject.

    Now, does anyone know what the different types of transfiguration are? She asked while rubbing her name off the board and writing ' Types of Transfiguration as a title. With a flick of her wand, paper was distributed amongst the students. She heard some gaps and exclamations which made her smile; she always had loved teaching to muggle borns who's minds had yet to be opened. When she turned back round to face the class, several hands were up.

    Eventually, the class managed to identify each of the types of transfiguration.

    Well done class! That's it; transformation, switching, vanishing, conjuring and untransfiguration are the four types of transfiguration. Transfiguration, as a whole, is the branch of magic that changes an objects appearance. Transfiguration can be done to almost all objects and there are very few which aren't affected. It is the most useful magic, in my opinion, as it had so many practical applications. However, transfiguration is one of the hardest magics to master and needs a great deal of effort. You must get the incantation and wand movement exactly right in order for the spell to work properly.

    She noticed several children taking notes and new she'd come to like this class a lot.

    The most important thing to learn is the equation and the factors in transfiguration. Once you've learned the formula the spells you intend to use will be easier to get right. The factors you need to bare in mind are; the intended transformation (t), which is affected by: bodyweight (a), viscosity (v), wand power (W), concentration levels (c) and a fifth variable that depends on the environmental factors (z).

    The formula is:

         (W x C)
    T= -------------  x Z
         (V x A)

    Try and learn the formula for Tuesday next lesson. We will continue on Tuesday.

    Dilys never had believed in setting too much homework, especially for first years. She watched then all leave and thought about how much she would enjoy their future lessons.

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