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    Sorting and Class Registration

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    Sorting and Class Registration

    Post by Marnia Peverell on Tue Feb 02, 2016 4:17 pm

    Hogwarts' school year begins in September. Any first years will have to wait until then to be sorted or to receive their Hogwarts acceptance letter. Therefore, the sorting forum will be checked every September. However, if you are not a first year and are signing up, message one of the admins notifying them of your post.

    Class registration will be checked after and around when a member joins. Classes will not be repeated so any new members won't be able to participate. The lessons will still be on the forum. First years don't need to register for classes. This only applies to third years, sixth years and new members.

    If a student fails either their OWLs or their NEWTs they will repeat the test after a set time period of reading through the lessons. This is a rare occasion and will be discussed at the appropriate time with the teacher of that subject.

    Any questions, ask an admin.


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