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    Eleanor Bridge Character Application

    Eleanor Bridge

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    Eleanor Bridge Character Application

    Post by Eleanor Bridge on Tue Jan 19, 2016 12:06 am

    Character Application

    My username is my characters name: yes

    Character name: Eleanor Bridge


    If your character is older than 18, what house where they in:
    What house would you like to be in?: Ravenclaw

    If your character is older than 18, what job would you like?:

    I (not your character) am older than 13 or have my parents permission: yes

    Example roleplay: Eleanor Bridge looks out into the nights sky feeling a bit frustrated to say the least. Being at Hogwarts was not easy for Eleanor and school was way tougher than she had imagined, plus keeping up her grades was extremely tough. Most professors at her school seemed agitated when she didn't understand the lesson even though she tried her very hardest. Sighing she looked up from her potions book to see a wizard flying through the air, on a broom of course. He/she seemed to not being controlling the broom very well and Eleanor wanted to help them because crashing would not end too well on their part. She yelled out into the night sky telling them how turning your broom downwards would make them go down, and going up would make you go up and so on. The wizard still seemed to have trouble though. Eleanor thought to herself for a moment and got an idea.

    “Accio broom” She said, and her nimbus 2014 appeared in her hand. She knew she had to save this person and fast. Hopping on her broom, she disappeared into the night sky. She had not really thought about getting in trouble, or how it wasn't safe to do this. She finally saw a spark of the Hufflepuff robes, and knew she had found the kid. She grabbed on the end of the broom sending the kid backwards.

    “Sorry, but you got to hold on” She mutters, trying to control the crazy broom the young boy is sitting on. She can now see his face, with bright blond hair like hers, and soft blue eyes he looked pretty innocent though she knew he was not at all.

    “Here climb on” She instructed as the kid climbed on her broom behind her. For some reason the broom seemed to follow her as she flew back to the Astronomy tower, which she found relieving yet odd. Once on the ground, she sat the broom on the ground. The kid brushed off his robes and muttered a quiet thanks. She smiled and looked back into sky as the kid vanished with broom in hand. Feeling complete and better she closed her eyes falling into a deep sleep.

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