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    Available Jobs

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    Available Jobs

    Post by Marnia Peverell on Sun Jan 17, 2016 10:30 am

    On your profile there is a jobs option. The jobs option is only accessible by the moderator after you have submitted a job application. The job application form can be found on the previous page.

    Jobs are only available after your character has finished Hogwarts and is over the age of eighteen. To apply for a job you must be an active user otherwise employers aren't going to want you working for them.

    It is a good idea to research cannon jobs in the books and the available jobs on our site. If there is a job you want but isn't available or we don't have on our site you can message the admin in charge of that job.

    Jobs are a good opportunity to earn you reputation. If you post in your job topic to the work time on the application, you will receive reputation at the end of the week. You will only receive reputation if you have been working regularly for the whole week.

    The working time will be specified on the job application so read it carefully.

    Available Jobs


    Bar Maid/Tender/Owner

    Curse breaker




    Hit Wizard-law enforcement

    Hogwarts Staff

    Knight Bus worker



    Ministry of Magic Staff



    Quidditch Player

    St Mungo's Welcome Witch

    Spell Inventor

    Unspeakable- department of mysteries worker

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