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    New User Guide - getting started

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    New User Guide - getting started

    Post by Marnia Peverell on Sat Jan 16, 2016 9:31 pm

    To help you get started, I would recommend filling in your profile.

    On the toolbar at the top it should display, 'Welcome Username'. Click on that and it will give you the option to 'view' or 'edit profile'.

    I recommend viewing your profile first to see what it asks you to fill out. Then, when you've thought a bit about your character, you can start filling it out. When filling in your profile please don't select an avatar until you have put a claim on a face. This is only so other people don't have the same avatar as you when your characters don't look the same.

    Remember, your profile is about your character. Don't share any personal information.

    Your Character can be a canon one if you want. There is no specific year on Charmed Chance so your preferred canon character can be from any year.

    When your ready, our character application forms are the next to do. The form itself is very simple. For most of the questions a yes or no has already been written and all you need to do is delete where applicable.

    Your application should be verified very quickly. Once it has been accepted you can begin to explore the rest of our site.

    You can also 'adopt' characters who are already in existing families to help you get started. The characters already come with reserved faces and a back story.

    The next thing to do is claim a face. Simply go to the forum and say which face you want. We use cemeteries as avatars mainly because there are so many photos to chose from.

    Before you make claim, read through the already claimed faces and make sure that the avatar you want hasn't already been taken.

    An admin will reply to your face claim quickly. After that you can choose your own photo of that person to have as your avatar.

    If there is anything else you need help with, just ask me or another admin.

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